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The Darkest Place is a short hip hop musical about a man, Simon Keys, trapped inside of his own mind. Desperate to escape, he sends a letter for help, which arrives in the form of the mysterious Lexi. Face-to-face and going blow-for-blow, they engage in a rap battle testing Simon's conviction to free himself.


World Premiere: The Hip Hop Film Festival 2019


This short was an experiment made for the fun of it - shot over the course of one night with no location scouting, no rehearsal and a crew of two - our own personal 12-hour film creation challenge.


Starring: Darian Dauchan as Simon Keys

Shanelle Gabriel as Lexi

Directed, Written, Shot and Edited by Daniel Glick

Produced by Lucía Ortega Toledo

Music by Darian Dauchan

Lyrics by Daniel Glick

Sound Recording and Production Assistance by Lucía Ortega Toledo

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